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Why plant based food needs to be discussed in an open forum

Café Culture International has been consulting for the Plant Based industry for over 10 years and we have seen the movement of trends and innovations in all directions. One thing that has stood out in this business is that it is driven by passionate souls in both parties.

It has now turned into plant base advocates versus the meat and dairy industry. Social media has created an avenue for mudslinging with no real practical debate to where our industry is heading and what consumers need to be educated about. Social media is very one-way, and it uses fear as a tool to scare consumers into positions they are uncomfortable with and purchasing choices is a big part of this tactic.

I was recently asked to comment on ABC Landline on the real growth numbers of Plant Milk and after that I had an influx of media wanting to discuss the reasons behind the fast growth rate of this sector.

Sean Edwards - ABC Landline

Each radio interview I was challenged by different divisions of the dairy and meat industry, and it was very interesting to see the lack of forward thinking there was from this part of the food sector and very little future thinking. I am sure there is a balance and having a summit of peer leaders should hopefully bring these issues to having at least some practical discussions.

The Plant Based summit being organised to run in Melbourne in September will bring together leading experts form both sides of the topic and will look at the real figures from the consumer and the scientific facts around innovation in the Plant Food industry.

It will also look at how we can have a good balanced approach for the future as our consuming world runs low on natural resources that effect the food chain.

We will hear from Food Scientists, large plant based food businesses, marketing experts and the sales distribution channel leaders. The event has been designed to create smart debate and hopefully lead to some cooperation between international leaders in the global food chain.

The event is not only focusing on plant based milk, it will also look at other parts of the plant based food channels and the challenges of the future in growth and innovation. We are running the event the same week as the Melbourne International Coffee Expo (MICE) and World Barista Championships to help our international industry leaders attend both events.

If you would like to attend the event, please go to

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